Babolat introduces SFX Footwear

April 17, 2012

Boulder, Colorado — Babolat, leading manufacturer of tennis equipment, introduces its newest high performance shoe, the Super Fit Experience (SFX) designed to follow the foot’s movement on the court for increased fluidity. Babolat tennis shoes were developed specifically for the lateral and diagonal moves in tennis, which account for 80 percent of movements during play. Because players combine quick acceleration, fast braking and changes of direction, the new Babolat SFX shoe was designed with Babolat’s exclusive Ergo-Motion technology that allows the player to move freely and naturally on the court without sacrificing durability and support.

“We’re constantly striving to develop products with cutting edge technologies that give players a competitive advantage to improve their playing experience and meet the needs of the modern tennis game,” said Mickey Maule, Babolat National Sales Manager. “The technology embedded in the SFX offers extraordinary comfort and performance for the most demanding tennis players, making it a great all-around shoe.”

The Latest Babolat Footwear Innovation: Ergo-Motion Technology

Ergo-Motion technology is the perfect synergy between foot ergonomy and court motion. The Babolat SFX features an Ergo-Motion multi-layer insole that adapts to players’ feet to offer unmatched first fit feel, long-lasting cushioning, comfort and excellent support. During lateral movements and quick changes of direction, players exert higher pressures on the internal part of the foot. This is why SFX Ergo-Motion midsole has two different materials to equalize pressure points:

Additional features of the shoe include:

The 2012 SFX are available in both men’s and women’s styles and can be purchased at retailers nationwide with a suggested retail price of $99.00. To find out where Babolat products are sold, log on to or call (877) 316-9435.