Taylor Townsend now No. 1 Junior

April 24, 2012

The United States’ Taylor Townsend is the new world #1 ITF junior ranking — which is to say she is now the best junior tennis player on the planet!

Prince is extremely happy for, and proud of, Taylor — who last week added an USTA Easter Bowl singles title to her 2012 Australian Open Juniors singles and doubles titles from earlier this year – providing a glimpse at what the next generation of champions look like and what equipment and tech they are choose to arm themselves with as the game evolves.

And what does Taylor choose to arm herself with? Prince EXO3 racquet technology (EXO3 Tour 100) and Prince Beast XP string — the world’s first thermo-polyester string. Since switching she has skyrocket up the rankings. In fact, the last two junior Grand Slam champions (Townsend in Australia 2012) and England’s Oliver Golding (US Open 2011) both only use EXO3 racquet technology and Beast XP string.

Please let us know if you would like to learn more about Taylor, her EXO3 technology and why it is scientifically suited for the champions and game of tomorrow, or any other information or imagery.