Tennis Across America celebrates 23 years

May 12, 2012

Tennis is a great way to get fit and the United States Professional Tennis Association continues to take the game to new, current and former players through the Tennis Across America™ program. The 23rd annual Tennis Across America day is designated for May 12. USPTA members across the nation are offering free tennis clinics.

Tennis Across America is a perfect way to kick start getting fit and learning a new sport. Tennis is a great way to get in shape. People getting their first taste of tennis will learn basics to get started, find out how to improve and reap the benefits of a calorie-burning workout. This is a fitness activity that the entire family can get involved in. Best of all, Tennis Across America clinics are free!

Established in 1990 by the USPTA, Tennis Across America is the original, free, grassroots lesson program. The goal of the program is to get people out on the court, playing tennis. The multicultural segment was added later with the goal of reaching various communities and potential players who have special needs and may not otherwise have the opportunity to play.

The Tennis Across America program consists of three major elements. First, free clinics, held at public and private facilities around the nation. Second, multicultural clinics are held to introduce the sport to various groups and give access to the sport of tennis to all. Third, follow-up programs are created to provide players with an opportunity to pursue their new enthusiasm for tennis.

While Tennis Across America Day will officially be celebrated on May 12 this year, it is not limited to just that day. USPTA Professionals offer free clinics to the public throughout the spring. Clinics can be directed toward adults, children or both, and may include new players or players returning to the game

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