Biomimetic Max 200G

June 20, 2012

Greenville, SC — The original Max 200G, named one of Tennis magazine’s ‘Top Ten Racquets of All Time’, shook up the tennis industry in the early ’80s with its combination of design, playability and looks. (It didn’t hurt that two of the game’s all-time greats, John McEnroe and Steffi Graf, happened to play the frame as well). The first injection molded racquet ever, the original Max 200G had an 85 square inch head and was amongst first racquets with a wider beam (22mm), but what set it apart was its ability to produce both touch shots, as exemplified by McEnroe, and raw power, as produced by Graf.

Today, Dunlop introduces a new Max 200G combining some of the classic feel of the original with the advantages of Biomimetic technologies like Aeroskin and HM6 carbon. The classic feel starts in the handle; the distinctive, tan leather grip provides a soft, supple feel helping on touch volleys and shots where control is of the essence.

With his sublime play in the mid ’80s, John McEnroe helped introduce the Max 200G to millions of tennis players. Fellow Hall of Famer Steffi Graf carried the mantle in the late ’80s, as she dominated the competition with her Max 200G. Today, Mr. McEnroe is helping to launch the new Biomimetic Max 200G. This past December, after a first round loss at the year-end Masters event in London, he switched to the new frame and promptly won the remainder of his matches and the title. He continues to use the racquet in exhibitions and Masters Tour events.

A complete look at the specs of the new Biomimetic Max 200G racquet:


“We gave tennis fans a sneak preview of this racquet in Indian Wells, and the immediate reactions it received surpassed our expectations,” said Hunter Hines, Director of Marketing for Dunlop Racquet Sports. “So many people have fond memories of the original Max 200G; there was an instant connection when they saw it in California. Our graphic design department did a tremendous job with the cosmetic- the colors and design seem to resonate with everyone. The best part is the frame plays so smoothly and comfortably. It really delivers on the distinct feel so many players like from classic racquets.”