New drink offers healthy hydration

August 1, 2012

Solana Beach, CA — Cutting edge company drops the “bomb” on the beverage industry by creating a niche category with a one of a kind lifestyle drink. In a market that’s saturated with drinks offering little or no hydration or health benefits, Grombomb healthy rehydration™ provides athletes of all ages and skill level with a quality beverage derived from all natural ingredients. With four epic flavors, these drinks will add an explosive element to your day!

grombomb cans.lowres.jpg

Husband and wife team, Eric and Heather McCormick, created grombomb healthy rehydration™ out of a need to provide their own groms with a hydration alternative at surf and other athletic events they were involved in. “We got tired of leaving surf competitions and seeing half drank plastic bottles filled with high fructose corn syrup and chemical additives strewn across the beach,” states owner/co-founder, Heather McCormick who went on to say, “We know kids want good tasting ‘cool’ drinks, and parents want them to be healthy … so without finding anything on the market, we created our own and grombomb healthy rehydration™ evolved.”

The names of their beverages derive from skateboard and surfing terms, as well as showing some love to a hometown local spot, Seaside Reef. Featuring four tasty flavors: pintail punch, liptrick lemonade, seaside sour apple and wipeout watermelon, there is something to pump up every taste bud! These healthy drinks contain NO caffeine, NO high-fructose corn syrup, all natural flavors, natural food dye derived from vegetables, b vitamins, low carbonation, only 75 calories and they are electrolyte enhanced. With each slim can containing 10.5 fl oz of awesomeness, the whole family can hydrate in style and love every sip!


Grombomb healthy rehydration™ launched in January of 2011 and has taken the world of action sports and now traditional sports by storm! Eric and Heather McCormick, never forgetting what it’s like to be groms themselves, are excited to be revolutionizing the beverage industry. They’ve created a new beverage category (first to market) focusing on gen y and beyond with a healthy hydration benefit. This dynamic duo is passionate about their business venture and it shows from the rapid rise in popularity of this epic line of drinks. grombomb healthy rehydration™ is quickly spreading across the nation, delighting taste buds everywhere they go, and imparting shakas with smiles.