PTR and Norwegian Tennis Federation partner

August 14, 2012

Hilton Head Island, SC — Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) announced a Partnership Agreement with the Norwegian Tennis Federation.

During Wimbledon, representatives of PTR and the Norwegian Tennis Federation (NTF) met to sign a partnership agreement. This inaugural two year agreement was enthusiastically received by both organizations.

As part of the agreement, PTR will provide educational services with all full time tennis coaches in Norway becoming members of PTR.

“The ability to be able to provide quality education to our full time coaches is essential,” said Erik Solberg, NTF Vice President. “At the Norwegian Tennis Federation, we see our partnership with PTR as another indication of our resolve to improving tennis in Norway.”

One of goals of PTR’s recently elected President, Jorge Andrew, is to expand PTR’s role internationally. Andrew commented, “PTR looks forward to providing educational content and events for the tennis coaches in Norway. We applaud the Norwegian Tennis Federation for their approach to improving tennis in Norway.”

One of the highlights of the partnership is a ‘Top of the World’ Tennis Symposium that will be held in Norway’s northernmost city of Tromso.

PTR CEO, Dan Santorum, stated, “The leadership of the Norwegian Tennis Federation is dedicated to providing their tennis coaches with the educational tools to increase tennis participation. PTR is excited to work with the tennis federation to co-present a world class Symposium in Norway.”

One of the goals of the Norwegian Tennis Federation is to increase the participation in tennis, which will increase the chances of developing future tennis champions in Norway. Oivind Sorvald, Director of Sports for the federation, said, “PTR is a world class organization. Having been a long time member, I know the quality that PTR will bring to Norwegian Tennis.”

PTR is the Official Training Partner for Special Olympics Tennis. PTR is the largest global organization of tennis teaching professionals with more than 14,000 members in 117 countries. It has the greatest percentage of multicultural and women members of any such organization. PTR is dedicated to educating, certifying and servicing tennis teachers and coaches around the world in order to grow the game.