The Bubba is Back!

September 7, 2012

Pittsburgh, PA — Gamma Sports (GAMMA) announced the new GAMMA RZR Bubba super oversize racquet featuring RZR Advanced Aerodynamics, making it the fastest and easiest to swing Bubba ever created.

The RZR Bubba continues the Bubba tradition with a 137 in² head size providing outstanding power, fewer mis-hits and the largest sweet spot of any legal racquet in the game. To improve the Bubba’ maneuverability, GAMMA’s Concept Design Team, Black Racquet Labs, applied RZR Advanced Aerodynamics to the classic Big Bubba frame. The challenge was to take the game’s largest legal frame and allow players with slower, shorter swings to maneuver the RZR Bubba with greater ease. Applying the RZR Advanced Aerodynamics design principles, designers were able to create a faster, more maneuverable frame while maintaining the reach, forgiveness, power and sweet spot of the original Big Bubba.

RZR Bubba Pricing: MSRP: $219.99 | MAP: $199.99

RZR Bubba Availability: RZR Bubba racquets will be shipping September 21, 2012 to select tennis distributors and tennis specialty shops in the U.S. Consumers can locate an online RZR Bubba distributor or local specialty shop by visiting and entering their zip code.