Customize your racquet with Dynamite

October 11, 2012

Ashaway, RI — According to Ashaway Racket Strings, the range of characteristics available in its Dynamite® family of Zyex®-based tennis strings allows players to customize the response of their racquets to maximize performance. The multifilament Zyex cores of the Dynamite family balance toughness, touch and tension holding, while the various core packages and gauges allow players to fine-tune power and durability.

Said Ashaway’s Steve Crandall, “The benefit of working within a family of strings is that you start with a consistent, base level set of performance characteristics, and are then able to fine-tune or customize your racquet to match your game and maximize performance. Overall, the Zyex core packages in our Dynamite family provide thinner, stronger, lighter-weight strings that offer superior feel, more power, and improved ball control.” On top of that, Crandall added, the individual members of the family—Dynamite 18 Soft, Dynamite 17 Natural, and Dynamite 16 Tough—have been customized to maximize specific playing characteristics for each gauge.

At 1.15 mm in diameter (18-gauge), Dynamite 18 Soft is one of the thinnest strings on the market, and is designed to provide a softer feel yet still generate power and an optimum ability to spin the ball. Utilizing a special multi-stranded monofilament construction that increases power and toughness, the rugged 16-gauge (1.30 mm) Dynamite 16 Tough is the heavyweight in the family, designed to provide exceptional power and ball control for amateur and professional players who hit the ball really hard and break a lot of strings. The middle member of the family, 1.25 mm (17-gauge) Dynamite 17 Natural has been engineered to optimize power and resilience, while providing a softer, more natural gut-like string bed with a crisper feel and the power to hit deep fast shots.

The multifilament Zyex cores in all Dynamite strings help maintain tension throughout the playing life of the string, and specially woven surface braids help maximize control and increase ball spin. Dynamite family tennis strings are designed for both professional and amateur players looking for consistent performance and good durability, but with more feel and better ball control, characteristics typically associated with natural gut.

“The dynamic stiffness of Zyex is the closest to gut of any synthetic string material,” said Crandall, “which is why we call it ‘manmade natural gut.’ It absorbs and returns impact force more like gut. It controls the ball more like gut, especially in thinner gauge strings, and holds tension as well, or perhaps even a bit better than gut. This, along with the variety of gauges and core constructions available with the Dynamite family, allows players a much broader choice in matching their string to their style of play.”

Gloss black Dynamite 16 Tough, bright blue Dynamite 18 Soft, and optical green Dynamite 17 Natural are all available in 40 ft. sets (12 m) and 360 ft. reels (110 m). Because of the tension holding properties of Zyex, Ashaway recommends stringing Dynamite family strings at approximately 10-15% less tension than standard tennis strings, up to a maximum of 60 lbs.


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