Gamma Ships FTX

October 17, 2012

Pittsburgh, PA — Gamma Sports (GAMMA) is now shipping GAMMA FTX, a new performance processed string for players wanting a balance of playability and durability.

FTX construction features a Dynalon monofilament inner core surrounded by Nylon 6 outer wraps and GAMMA’s new cross-woven Foil Wrap that increases resiliency and durability. GAMMA processes FTX with their patented GAMMA Irradiation Process to increase the number of intermolecular bonds in the materials, making FTX more resilient than similar construction strings for faster string return on impact resulting in more court-penetrating shots and faster serves.

GAMMA FTX Specifications:

GAMMA FTX Pricing & Availability:


FTX is now shipping to select tennis distributors and tennis specialty shops in the U.S. Consumers can locate a distributor or local specialty shop by visiting the GAMMA website homepage and entering their zip code or by going to the GAMMA Facebook page ( and requesting local availability information.