Dynamic training with the VertiMax

November 1, 2012

What do Hugh Jackman, tennis stars from around the world and Tennessee Titan’s RB Chris Johnson, among others have in common? They all train on the Vertimax.

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So what does Vertimax do? It’s a training system that improves athletic performance factors including explosive power, speed and the vertical jump. These performance parameters ar e highly desired by all athletes because they are vital to optimal success in any sport.

VertiMax is the most advanced sports training system designed to increase athletic performance and abilities across all sports and ages. If you’re looking to increase speed, vertical jump ability and overall athleticism, VertiMax is the one sports training system designed to do it all and do it right. It is the only sports training system in the world that can simultaneously apply a load to both the legs and arms for Maximum Vertical Jump Development and it’s also the world’s top speed training system due to its ability to simultaneously load both the drive phase (foot in contact with ground driving) and swing phase (foot is airborne traveling to the next step) for maximum speed increases in any sport. No other sports fitness system can provide these training advantages to improve sports performance! For more information, log on to