Hurricane Sandy retailer support

November 2, 2012

Phoenix, AZ — Across the east coast of the United States this week, we have seen and heard of the devastation due to Hurricane Sandy. Serious damage has occurred in our nation once again due to natural causes, and we know that this presents a number of challenges to those impacted. While we see that there has been a quick response and clean up from the communities and emergency units, we know that the cities affected will not be restored in an hour, a day, or a week.

For that reason, in an effort to help retailers in the areas impacted most significantly, HEAD Penn is going to extend an additional 30 days dating on open invoices for all retailers current in their billing to help cash flow during this difficult time. Retailers in states from Delaware north to Massachusetts (including eastern Pennsylvania) will be included.

Greg Mason, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for HEAD Penn, said, “It’s a gesture to show support for our retailers and friends impacted so much by the storm. We just want to make it a little easier during a very rough time. They are dealing with something much more pressing at this moment and it is the right thing to do for our partners in the industry.”