Technifibre USA restructured for 2012

November 26, 2012

Thierry Maissant, President of Tecnifibre, said, “As we continue to grow the Tecnifibre brand globally, we are modifying our current business model for Tecnifibre USA in order to meet the objectives of the brand. Our ambition is to rapidly accelerate the progression of the brand in the US market, so the next logical step for our development of Tecnifibre USA is to establish a wholly owned corporation that will distribute Tecnifibre products exclusively.”

“Tecnifibre has been very appreciative of Fromuth Tennis as our partner in the US for the past nine years,” said Maissant. “While both parties agreed to discontinue our prior agreement, we look forward to have Fromuth Tennis as a distributor of Tecnifibre USA with our new organization.”

Tecnifibre will release further details of its new corporation and distribution in the next few weeks.