Graphene is taking Head racquets to a new level

February 11, 2013

Kennelbach/Austria — It is being traded as the wonder material of the future, with endless possibilities for industrial applications — graphene, consisting of a single two-dimensional layer of carbon atoms, arranged in a hexagonal honeycomb structure. Graphene is ultra-light and ultra-thin, therefore light-permeable, but at the same time conductive and with a breaking strength 200 times greater than that of steel. Two scientists, Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, were awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize for Physics for successfully isolating graphene in laboratory conditions in 2004. The European Union is set to invest 1 billion Euros over the next ten years into further development work on the material and researchers from all over the world are working hard to make the high expectations placed on the material become reality. Potential future applications include foldable mobile phones or touch screens, TV units which can be rolled out on the wall, but also lighter aircrafts, innovative batteries or even the replacement of silicon in the semi-conductor industry.

HEAD has registered a patent for the use of graphene in tennis racquets. The new HEAD YouTek™ racquets achieve outstanding performance thanks to the HEAD Graphene™ technology, impressively proven by Novak Djokovic’s victory at the Australian Open 2013. However, HEAD Graphene™ not only benefits top-level players such as the world’s number 1 — indeed, this innovative technology offers tangible advantages to tennis players of all levels.

Graphene is stronger than the materials that have been used so far, which means that by inserting HEAD Graphene™ into the shaft of a racquet, less material is needed to achieve the same level of stability. Graphene™ technology thus allows for an optimal redistribution of weight in HEAD racquets. The weight in the middle part of the tennis racquet is reduced and shifted toward more functionally relevant areas in the head and grip of the racquet. This unique construction provides players with unmatched maneuverability and an increased swingweight. The result: with less effort, even more power is generated.

Without any doubt, the future belongs to this extraordinary material — and it is not surprising that the HEAD development engineers are busily working on integrating the HEAD Graphene™ technology into more racquet models. After all, both professional and recreational players are keen to experience the benefits of this material.