Power just got easier for Sharapova

March 7, 2013

Indian Wells, CA — The new HEAD Graphene™ Instinct racquet featuring the revolutionary HEAD Graphene™ racquet technology has been providing Maria Sharapova with even more effortless power on the court since the start of the 2013 tennis season. Since Novak Djokovic has impressively proven the benefits of his new HEAD Graphene™ Speed in a secret testing session released earlier this year (, it is now time for Maria Sharapova to show off her skills with her new weapon of choice.

In a new commercial released on by HEAD Tennis today, Maria Sharapova put her HEAD Graphene™ Instinct to the ultimate test of power under very special conditions. Since Maria had a surprise appearance in Novak’s testing session, HEAD asked Novak Djokovic to play a supporting role in the new film to witness Maria’s skills of power and precision -z but once again, Maria keeps the upper hand in the fun rivalry between the two HEAD tennis stars.

The new film continues HEAD’s multi-level, digital and retail communication campaign supporting the introduction of the new 2013 HEAD racquet collection. The objective of the campaign is to encourage tennis players around the world to try out the new racquets and experience HEAD’s innovative Graphene™ technology. HEAD’s global Test&Win promotion is offering all players who test the new Graphene™ racquets and leave their review on or, the chance to win a training session with Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic. Furthermore, this spring local ‘Graphene™ Days’ will take place in many countries around the globe to give tennis fans the chance to test the racquets, provide feedback and win a brand new Graphene™ racquet.

Graphene™ is a unique material consisting of a single two-dimensional layer of carbon atoms with exceptional properties. It’s extremely lightweight but has a breaking strength 200 times greater than steel. The integration of Graphene™ in the racquet shaft has allowed HEAD engineers to reduce weight in the middle part of the tennis racquet and shift it to functionally more relevant areas in the head and grip instead.

This unique construction with Graphene™ technology allows for the first time an optimal redistribution of weight in HEAD racquets: more weight in the grip makes the racquet more maneuverable and easier to swing; more weight in the racquet head enables even more powerful shots.

“The racquet has been further developed and suits my game perfectly,” says 2012 French Open champion Maria Sharapova. “It’s not a winning guarantee, but it’s pretty close!”

HEAD players Tomas Berdych and Marin Cilic will also swing their new Graphene™ Instinct MP racquets again at the ATP Indian Wells Masters 1000 tournament this week. For more information go to: