TRX, TIA partner to launch TRX Cardio Tennis

May 20, 2013

Recently, TRX partnered with the TIA and Cardio Tennis to launch TRX Cardio Tennis, the newest TRX Professional Education product. TRX’s Dorian Adam and Michele Krause of Cardio Tennis, who have now delivered four education courses to enable tennis and fitness pros to deliver TRX cardio Tennis classes, including the most recent in London, conceived the program. TRX Cardio Tennis provides theultimate ball-striking calorie burning workout incorporating strength, muscle endurance, balance and flexibility.

The new on-court program combines TRX Suspension Training®, which is designed to facilitate an enormous range of body‐weight training movements, with Cardio Tennis, the high‐energy fitness activity featuring tennis games and drills for all ability levels and ages that delivers a fun, full‐body, calorie‐burning aerobic workout.

TRX Suspension Training® is suitable for all fitness levels and ages, and combining TRX® with Cardio Tennis will attract current fitness consumers to the tennis court. In addition, TRX Cardio Tennis works well with up to 16 players on one court—an ideal situation for club managers, owners and teaching professionals looking to maximize revenue and court usage. TRX professional education courses for TRX Cardio Tennis are currently being delivered throughout the US and international markets.

“Bridging the tennis – fitness gap is one of our primary objectives with TRX Cardio Tennis,” explains Adam, “combining TRX and Cardio Tennis is a logical step in bringing the fitness professional even closer to the sport, while introducing the player to a new training modality. In a short time, we are seeing evidence of cross-pollination between the tennis and fitness community; fitness members participating in classes as well as more tennis players using TRX in the gym. It’s a win for everyone.”

“Cardio Tennis has always been about working out in the zone, burning calories and training or tennis,” says Cardio Tennis Program Manager Michele Krause. “But historically, it has not emphasized strength and power or utilizing strength equipment. The highly regarded TRX® Suspension Trainer is now the perfect complement to Cardio Tennis, adding strength, power, flexibility and balance to the program.”

“TRX and Cardio Tennis joining together and complimenting each other will exceed your expectations for tennis.” — Nick Bollettieri

“I am glad to hear that the TRX Cardio Tennis program is ready to go live! I think it is a much needed program.” — Meredith Poppler (IHRSA VP of Industry Growth, TIA Board Member)