Dunlop enters racquetball market

June 18, 2013

GREENVILLE, SC — At the outset of 2013, several key growth opportunities in racquet sports existed for Dunlop, one of which was an entrance into racquetball. Now, with racquetball legend Sudsy Monchik on the team, Dunlop will deliver a premium product line of racquets, balls and accessories this summer. With a racquet line focused on reducing aerodynamic drag and a ball that is 40% more visible than the leading competitor, Dunlop expects to turn the racquetball market upside down.

“With our strength in tennis, dominance in squash, and the emergence of the Carlton brand in badminton, the next, most natural, market for us to enter was racquetball,” commented Kai Nitsche, V.P. and General Manager of Dunlop Sports Group Americas. “Over the next few months we’ll be delivering premium racquets, balls, and a full range of accessories. We have focused our development on innovative product that we feel the sport has lacked, and we’ve hired the most qualified person in racquetball to make this happen, Sudsy Monchik.”

Monchik, five-time world champion and holder of over 50 professional titles, has been in racquetball for 30 years. He continues to compete in select events, including exhibitions and clinics and announces racquetball on TV. “I am beyond excited to be working with the entire Dunlop team,” said Monchik. “My aim is to build on the brand’s rich racquet sports tradition by developing a racquetball line that matches my style of game: exciting, innovative, disruptive, and flat out cool.”

Monchik will lead in the development of the global product line in addition to handling promotions and sponsorships. When he’s on the court, Monchik will also endorse the brand by using Dunlop racquets, balls and accessories.