TennisHub offers free electronic court sheet manager

July 25, 2013

TennisHub Inc. announced that it will offer its electronic court sheet manager to tennis providers for free until August 18. TennisHub enables users to manage all on-court activities in one interface, providing a more effective platform for managing the nerve center of their business. With TennisHub, club managers and teaching professionals can publish availability so players can more easily discover, book and pay for tennis. This translates to higher court utilization and greater revenues. Tennis providers no longer have to rely on printed court sheets, pen and telephone to manage their business.

“TennisHub removes barriers and provides a simpler channel to get more people on court. Consumers expect to schedule and pay for most services online yet few tennis providers support online registration, booking or payment. TennisHub automates these key functions, making it easier for facility managers and teaching professionals to efficiently operate their businesses,” said TennisHub founder & CEO Eddie Ross. “By automating business and operations through TennisHub, there’s no more calling, telephone tag or email exchanges to arrange play.”

“We chose TennisHub because we saw an opportunity to leverage online booking as a means to grow our customer base. TennisHub’s transparency and willingness to act as a partner compelled us to do business with them. They help to streamline our court-sheet management but, more importantly, TennisHub is building user experiences that help drive increased play. We are confident that TennisHub’s focus on driving customer volume will translate into greater revenue and profit for our business,” said Charlie Michaelman, Manager at the Forecourt Racquet & Fitness Club in Cumberland, RI.

TennisHub is now offering its visionary electronic court sheet manager for free until August 18, 2013. Interested providers can visit for more information and to register to become a TennisHub user.

TennisHub is the recipient of the 2013 RI Business Plan Competition Special Technology Award. After completing Betaspring this last fall, TennisHub was named a company most likely to succeed by The Boston Globe.