FSU uses CoreControl to gain competitive edge

September 23, 2013

Tennis teams across the nation, including The Florida State University, are using CoreControl, a unique and innovative cooling glove that rapidly cools the body temperatures by extracting heat from the core body.

The CoreControl cooling glove, invented by Stanford doctors H. Craig Heller and Dennis Grahan, allows athletes to refresh and reenergize to get back to peak performance in just minutes.

“It kept my players going,” said Florida State head tennis coach Dwayne Hultquist, “One guy that used it cramps a lot, but he put on the glove and it was extremely effective. It kept him from cramping and I noticed he was playing differently.”

CoreControlTM offers safe athletic performance

enhancement that will increase the length of time that an individual can work out or compete. During burst/rest cycle exercise, such as in-between tennis sets, two minutes of CoreControlTM cooling is efficient in providing a significant performance enhancement. Video.

The glove, which is used by the San Francisco 49ers, the Stanford Cardinal, Golden State Warriors and many others, has been proven to increase athletic performance by 20% and accelerates the natural cooling process by up to 500%.

About CoreControl

CoreControlTM powered by RTX is noninvasive and easy to use — to cool, just place your hand on the cooling plate! CoreControlTM is enabled by the patented Rapid Thermal eXchange (“RTX”) technology providing a revolutionary and novel way to manipulate core body temperature and accelerate the body’s natural heat dissipation process. For the athlete, CoreControlTM powered by RTX has tremendous implications for enhancing strength and endurance training. CoreControlTM helps keep core body temperature within normal range for optimal muscular performance. If you stay cool, less blood is shunted to the skin for heat dissipation, making more blood available to service working muscles with delivery of oxygen and nutrients, and removal of metabolic byproducts.