It’s a grand slam year for Head Penn Racquet Sports

September 5, 2013

New York, NY — HEAD Penn Racquet Sports USA has been having one ace of a year. Posting a record year in 2012, the company recorded its best ever sales results for a full year in company history, including a double digit percentage increase for both HEAD and Penn brands the company is on pace for another successful year, with Penn continuing to dominate the market as America’s #1 selling tennis ball and HEAD leading the tennis industry with both its innovative products and exceptional players. Additionally, a year end retailer survey placed HEAD and Penn at the top of the industry for sales force, alongside high marks in all marketing and operations categories.

“We were thrilled with our 2012 year-end results and our impressive accomplishments so far this year. We outpaced the market throughout the year as a result of very hard work from our internal team combined with incredible results from our athletes,” said Greg Mason, Vice President Sales and Marketing Racquet Sports US. “The combination of the two made 2012 the best year in our history and put us on pace for another successful year.”

Much of the success of the company can be attributed to HEAD’s all-star cast of athletes as the company represents some of the world’s best tennis players in the sport including Novak Djokovic, Maria Sharapova, Andy Murray and Tomas Berdych, who have all helped elevate the brand to the next level. In fact, a HEAD sponsored athlete has been in the finals of every major grand slam so far this year. Both the Australian Open and Wimbledon saw HEAD finals as Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray faced off in the ultimate HEAD-to-HEAD battle.

As always, HEAD’s product categories have continued to strengthen with the 2013 launch of the HEAD Graphene™ technology and two new racquet series, which were impressively proven by Novak Djokovic’s victory at the Australian Open. HEAD Graphene™ not only benefits top-level players such as the world’s number 1, this innovative technology offers tangible advantages to tennis players of all levels.

The integration of Graphene™ in the racquet shaft allowed HEAD engineers to reduce weight in the middle part of the tennis racquet and shift it to functionally more relevant areas in the grip and the head, providing more power with less effort. Without any doubt, the future belongs to this extraordinary material – and it is not surprising that the HEAD development engineers are busily working on integrating the HEAD Graphene™ technology into more racquet models.

HEAD has also come out this year as a leader in the industry within social media by combining players and marketing to maximize the impact. In August of 2012, HEAD had approximately 300,000 fans on their Facebook page. Fast forward one year and the Facebook fans are now over 1,000,000, which is double, and even triple, the amount of the other three largest competitors.

Some of HEAD’s best athletes including Novak Djokovic, Maria Sharapova and Andy Murray have been huge factors in helping HEAD achieve the best social media campaign in the tennis industry. Not only have the players been doing incredibly well in the rankings, but these athletes have contributed to some great content for the HEAD Tennis social media channels through viral videos, contests, and more.

“I’m extremely proud of the growth we had in 2012 and the accomplishments we’ve achieved so far in 2013,” said Kevin Kempin, President and CEO of Head USA. “I am excited as we continue to participate in meaningful programs and campaigns. The sky is the limit and we expect continued growth moving forward.”

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