Spark Motion technology perfects performance

September 19, 2013

Spark Motion, a portable motion analysis app designed for use in authentic performance and rehabilitation environments is helping tennis players of all ages and abilities improve their performance on the court.

The Spark Motion is used to evaluate and correct inefficiencies in a truly authentic environment and remotely via the HIPAA compliant cloud. Coaches, trainers and athletes are able to record video with their iPad and then instantly analyze the data.

Trainers can take advantage of the Screen Recorded Video (SRV) function to create videos capturing their verbal and on screen visual aids as they analyze their performance on the tennis court. In addition, the app has features such as the frame-by-frame analysis, video overlay and the side-by-side comparison tool to instantly analyze flaws to correct before they become habits.

“There are so many benefits from using Spark Motion. A tennis player cannot physically see his strokes. Many times, a player may believe that his stroke is mechanically correct, but once recorded and analyzed with Spark Motion’s features he comes to realize his “true stroke” might not be what he imagined,” said Manuel Diaz, Head Coach for Men’s Tennis at the University of Georgia. “The instant feedback will allow for stroke production correction — on the spot.”

Additionally, the e-commerce option sets Spark Motion apart in their industry. Trainers can not only share videos with their recorded feedback via the HIPAA cloud, but now they can also attach a price and charge for the analysis video via a secure credit transaction – the same level of tech security used in hospitals. This unique function gives players of all levels the ability to receive critiques from professional trainers around the world.

About Spark Motion

Spark Motion is a leader in motion analysis technology on the mobile platform. Spark Motion was built out of necessity by performance and healthcare professionals in the field who knew there was a better way to work with athletes and patients using the latest tablet technology. The Spark Pro app with Cloud by Spark Motion is the only mobile motion analysis system specifically designed to be powerful enough for industry leading professionals and organizations, yet accessible to all performance coaches, trainers and medical practitioners.