VertiMax provides maximum power, speed development

September 16, 2013

Tampa, Fla. — VertiMax, an innovator in delivering leading edge speed and vertical gains to athletes is widely used by tennis players of all ages and abilities to gain a competitive advantage on the court.

The VertiMax is designed to develop sports specific power for virtually any tennis movement to dramatically increase explosive leg power for improved court speed and upper body power to improve racket velocity and hitting power.

The VertiMax is an innovative training system that serves an alternative to traditional plyometric exercises. With its unique retractable pulley system connecting to eight different resistance bands, VertiMax users are able to train at 100% efficiency throughout their workout. The secret to the success seen on the VertiMax is the ability to workout multiple muscle groups simultaneously and effectively to improve first step quickness, hitting power, offensive/defensive play making abilities, and athletic durability (injury prevention).

The VertiMax can reconfigure into hundreds of training set ups allowing tennis players to perform hundreds of tennis exercises that specifically work primary muscles groups that are vital for offensive & defensive court speed and hitting power.

If you want more speed on the court and first step quickness to get to those hard driven balls down the line, the VertiMax resistance-training machine is your answer. The VertiMax is the only vertical jump training equipment in the world capable of loading both the legs and arm swing at the same time when vertical jump training, truly maximizing the vertical leap ability.

There’s no hitting the brakes when you initiate an explosive movement on VertiMax, which means better speed strength development to improve speed and power – and ultimately an improved performance on the tennis court.

About VertiMax

VertiMax is the most advanced sports training system designed to increase athletic performance and abilities across all sports and ages. If you’re looking to increase speed, vertical jump ability and overall athleticism, VertiMax is the one sports training system designed to do it all and do it right. It is the only sports training system in the world that can simultaneously apply a load to both the legs and arms for Maximum Vertical Jump Development and it’s also the world’s top speed training system due to its ability to simultaneously load both the drive phase (foot in contact with ground driving) and swing phase (foot is airborne traveling to the next step) for maximum speed increases in any sport. No other sports fitness system can provide these training advantages to improve sports performance! For more information, log on to