Dunlop introduces three new Lite frames

November 11, 2013

Greenville, SC — Dunlop today introduced three new additions to its racquet lineup for 2014. At one end of the spectrum is the S2.0 Lite, which delivers Tour level performance in a lighter frame. At the other end is the S7.0 Lite, which is designed to deliver comfortable power in an oversized headsize. Finally, the popular S6.0 Lite racquet is now available in a new color: pink.

The S2.0 Lite is designed for intermediate to advanced players looking for a maneuverable, midsized, head-light racquet. The racquet also features a 16×19 string pattern giving players access to plenty of spin and power. The S2.0 Lite features Dunlop’s latest Biomimetic technologies: AeroskinCX, BioFibre and MoS2 grommets. (See technology descriptions below).

The new S7.0 Lite, with its 110 sq. in. head, looks like a typical oversize racquet, but it feels very different to other frames that size. The S7.0 Lite is slightly headlight and has a mid-range stiffness of 66. This makes it more flexible and arm friendly than most oversize racquets, plus more maneuverable at net. In addition to AeroskinCX, BioFibre and MoS2 grommets, the S7.0 also adds the 3Dom grommet system to enhance power and Anatomic construction for added stability.

“The new racquets we’re introducing this November fill important needs in our lineup,” said Hunter Hines, Director of Marketing and Product for Dunlop Racquet Sports. “The S2.0 Lite is perfect for players who have a big game, but are looking for a lighter weight, more user-friendly option. The S7.0 Lite gives players who like oversize racquets a great alternative to the traditional stiff, head-heavy frames in the oversize segment. And finally we’re happy to bring back a pink version of the racquet Dominika Cibulkova plays, the S6.0 Lite.”


AeroskinCX , represents an advancement over the original Aeroskin with its reconfigured surface texture that more closely resembles the skin of a shark and reduces drag by up to 36%. AeroskinCX enhances a player’s swing speed resulting in more power and greater access to spin.

While tennis has evolved to greater levels of power and spin over the past decade, comfort and feel is still as important as ever, so the Dunlop R&D team developed an entirely new dampening system comprised of natural fibers, named BioFibre, that are woven bi-directionally throughout the throat and handle to more widely distribute shock at impact. Stronger than steel and lighter than carbon, BioFibre dampens the shock by 18% and results in a more clean, solid feel at impact.

The third Biomimetic technology used in these new Lite racquets makes use of an element often found in aerospace and industrial lubricants: Molybdenite (MoS2). The MoS2 is present in an all-new grommet system. Similar to ball bearings, the MoS2 particles enable easier movement, in this case between the strings and the grommets, decreasing friction by 27%. Reduced string friction with the grommet means more string movement and added power to shots.


Dunlop has renamed its racquet range to help make the selection process easier. Each racquet name now starts with either a ‘F’, ‘M’ or ‘S’, signifying a player’s swing speed and style. ‘F’ designates a racquet designed for players with Fast/Full swings, ‘M’ for Medium/Moderate swings, and ‘S’ for Short/Slow swings. Finally, the numbers have been changed from the traditional hundreds to a decimal system to designate the evolution of the frames themselves.