ASBA releases informative video

December 1, 2013

ELLICOTT CITY, MD — The American Sports Builders Association (ASBA), the trade association for those involved in the design, construction and supply of materials for athletic facilities, has announced the release of a new educational video.

The four-minute-long video, designed to showcase the importance of hiring a design professional experienced in sports facilities, is available on the ASBA website. It is intended for an audience of those who are planning to install or renovate a sports facility — or those who are considering doing so. The video showcases the importance of using a qualified professional with sports facility-specific experience, such as those who are members of ASBA.

The video can be viewed by going to the ASBA website,, and choosing the tab for “Work with a Design Professional” on the left-hand side of the page. The video is available for viewing free of charge.

“We hope that this video helps our members to market their services and talents,” said Chris Sullivan, president of ASBA’s Professional Division. “It is our hope that end users understand the importance of hiring an experienced design professional with sports facility-specific experience for their project.”

ASBA currently offers several videos covering the importance of using the correct personnel for sports facility projects. Information on hiring qualified contractors for tennis court, running track and field projects is available by going to the “Certification” tab at the top of the home page and selecting the appropriate facility. A drop-down menu will include links to the videos.

Information on the videos, and on all programs of ASBA, is available by contacting the Association at its headquarters via phone, 866-501-ASBA (2722) or 410-730-9595, fax 410-730-8833, or by e-mail at [email protected]. Information is also available at

The ASBA is a non-profit association helping designers, builders, owners, operators and users understand quality athletic facility construction. The Association sponsors informative meetings, publishes newsletters, books and technical construction guidelines and keeps its members updated on the latest developments in the industry.