HammeLite marks new milestone.

January 17, 2014

NATICK, Massachusetts — ThinkLite® today announced it has sold over 1,000 units of the HammeLite, its proprietary indoor court lighting solution, one year since its introduction in December 2012.

Customers include indoor tennis and soccer facilities in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Maine, and Canada.

“The time and diligence put into the design of the product has brought in an encouraging response; we’re excited for customers and their club members to experience all the benefits of the solution,” said ThinkLite’s CEO Dinesh Wadhwani. “For any club owner, it is an effective investment since some state governments and utility providers offer attractive rebates of 30% to 70% to local facilities that upgrade to the ThinkLite solution.”

ThinkLite assists with the entire rebate process as a service to its customers.

To date, ThinkLite’s HammeLite solution has saved facilities over 2.3 Million kWh per year. According to US EPA estimates, that’s the equivalent of 3.5 million lbs of Carbon Dioxide per year, 40,651 trees per year, or 312 cars removed from the roads per year. The HammeLite solution features ThinkLite’s low frequency induction technology that is rated for 100,000 hours, so these savings in energy and the environment will continue for decades.

The ThinkLite solution comprehensively meets the lighting needs of tennis operators today, with 40-50% energy savings, a ten plus year lifespan, and a smooth, full spectrum of light with less glare. “These lights help players see and play the ball far better.” said Laury Hammel, whose Longfellow Clubs in Wayland, Massachusetts were the first to install this breakthrough solution. “ThinkLite is saving precious energy dollars, decreasing our carbon footprint and, unlike the long wait for metal halide bulbs to become fully illuminated, these lights come on instantly, with the flick of the switch.” said Hammel.

“I was impressed with how smooth the conversion process went”, said Bob Hinrichs, owner of The Adirondack Club in Franklin, Massachusetts. “ThinkLite informed us that the conversion would take a specific period of time and they were right on the money. We made the ThinkLite decision for both energy savings and longevity, replacing inefficient metal halide lights that tend to fade over time. We’re pleased with the results so far and have replaced additional high bay interior lights as well as our parking lot lights with ThinkLite solutions.”

After the first round of installations was completed in early 2013, ThinkLite made additional improvements to the HammeLite; making it suitable for a broader spectrum of indoor courts such as soccer, ice skating, hockey, basketball, and gym facilities.

In August of 2013, ThinkLite installed its first water-resistant version of the HammeLite, designed for clay courts where condensation from the ceiling typically causes water to collect in the traditional metal halide fixtures. This poses a safety hazard to the metal halide light lamps that can explode instantly if they come in contact with even a drop of water. The company also plans to introduce this version to swimming pool operators in early 2014.

Before and after shots illustrate the significant difference between ThinkLite and traditional lighting solutions.

About the HammeLite

ThinkLite’s HammeLite Induction Solution, a breakthrough in indoor tennis court lighting, reduces the standard 1,000W indirect metal halide fixture commonly used at indoor tennis bubbles and courts by an average of 40% while achieving improved lighting quality and more uniform light distribution, benefitting player and facility owner alike.

The light quality of the ThinkLite solution has been specially designed and proven to improve the visibility of the tennis ball while playing, especially at high speeds. The end result is superior visibility for the players and dramatically lower costs for the facility owners.

About ThinkLite

ThinkLite is a global lighting efficiency company that custom designs, manufactures, distributes, and installs energy efficient retrofit solutions to commercial customers and governments. The Company’s efficient lighting products leverages proprietary LED and Induction technologies that specifically adapt to existing infrastructures. The Company is headquartered in Natick, Massachusetts with operations in 14 countries.

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