‘Coach Youth Tennis’ to improve coaching

February 15, 2014

The USPTA, USTA, PTR, and USOC are excited to announce the launch of an educational curriculum program, “Coach Youth Tennis,” a series of online courses and a hands-on workshop introducing participants to the fundamentals required for success in working with children ages 10 and under.

The USTA worked in collaboration with USPTA, the PTR and the United States Olympic Committee in developing the curriculum, which serves as a pathway to Tennis Professional Certification through the USPTA and PTR certification programs. Beginning in 2014, all individuals who want to become a certified teaching professional will need to complete the “Coach Youth Tennis” curriculum.

The program consists of two stages of course work, which include six interactive and engaging online courses. The curriculum covers several topics, including appropriate methods on how to communicate, understanding characteristics of children, tennis activities suited for young children, effective ways to transition children through ability progressions, and group management. In addition, the program includes a face-to-face workshop that will provide proper fundamentals and skill development progressions for coaches of young players.

Current USPTA members and applicants prior to 2014 are not required to take the courses, but are encouraged to do so. The online courses are free to all members and are worth a 1/2 education credit each. In addition, the face-to-face workshop, which costs $15, is worth 2 credits. This is a great way to earn your education credits!

The educational curriculum establishes a set of standards for tennis teachers and coaches, ensuring that children will be taught the proper essentials of the game. The combined resources and industry support serves as a tremendous opportunity for tennis in the U.S.

Our stated mission as an association is to elevate the standards of tennis-teaching professionals and coaches. It is not too much to ask professionals who wish to become certified to take seven hours of education prior to certification that addresses our most important initiative, which is to grow our base of players starting with kids 6 to 10 years old.

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