GAMMA Glide is revolutionary

February 28, 2014

You heard right, GAMMA’s done it again! After years of R&D and hundreds of hours of testing, GAMMA has developed the perfect cross string that will make ANY main string play better. This string has the feel and elasticity of a natural gut with the added benefit of tremendous spin, power and control by allowing the main string to “glide” across the cross string.

What does this increased lateral movement mean for players? 300+ added RPM, heavier shots, bigger kick serves, nastier slices and overall better shot placement. The best part is, you don’t have to change from the racquet and main string that you already know and love!

If you’ve received your 2014 catalog then you’ve probably already seen the word “lubricity” and may have wondered what that means. Seeing is believing! To actually see how higher “lubricity” adds more spin to the ball, check out

P.S. Be on the lookout for Glide commercials on Tennis Channel beginning at Indian Wells all the way through the US Open!