Ashaway introduces Crossfire ZX Tour

March 13, 2014

Ashaway, RI — The newest addition to Ashaway’s line of Crossfire® hybrid tennis strings is an all-pro combination of 100% co-polymer monofilament mains and 100% Zyex® monofilament cross strings. Designed for hard hitters who like firm monofilament string beds for maximum spin, 16 gauge Crossfire ZX Tour also provides outstanding power with a soft touch and gut-like playability.

“For years top touring pros have relied on natural gut-based hybrids to provide that ‘just right’ combination of power, spin and touch,” said Ashaway Vice President Steve Crandall. “Our new Crossfire ZX Tour gives players those co-polymer mains so desired for generating spin, softened and enhanced with our 100% Zyex MonoGut ZX crosses to add power, reduce impact, and provide that gut-like touch and playability.

The mains on Crossfire ZX Tour are composed of Ashaway’s Monogut, a popular 1.27 mm co-polymer monofilament known for its high durability and exceptional spin potential. Also 1.27 mm in diameter, the Ashaway MonoGut ZX cross strings in Crossfire ZX Tour provide the soft gut-like feel, power and playability, and the maximum spin potential associated with Zyex monofilaments. Together, the Crossfire ZX Tour combination provides the closest possible synthetic match to natural gut hybrids.

Each set of Ashaway Crossfire ZX Tour contains 7 meters (23 feet) of metallic silver 16 gauge Ashaway MonoGut 100% co-polymer monofilament, and 6 meters (20 feet) of natural color 16 gauge Ashaway MonoGut ZX 100% Zyex monofilament. Ashaway recommends stringing Crossfire ZX Tour at up to 60 lbs. tension (27 kg) or 10-15% less than traditional nylon strings.


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