PowerAngle debuts a Diamond line

May 15, 2014

NEW YORK — PowerAngle LLC, the only manufacturer of patented, diagonally-strung tennis rackets, introduces a Diamond line of four rackets that have red-diamond graphics, play excellently and dramatically absorb shock.

PowerAngle is the healthiest tennis racket for a player’s arm, as PowerAngle’s equal-length diagonals are scientifically proven to reduce 40% of the harmful vibrations transmitted by conventionally-strung rackets. PowerAngle’s superior diagonal stringing also controls power and adds spin. PowerAngle Rackets are easy to string and conform to the official ITF Rules of Tennis.

The PowerAngle ACE of DIAMONDS, a midsize frame at 98 square inches, is the newest diagonally-strung player’s racket. The white ACE of DIAMONDS is ideal for tennis champions, and is heavier (12 oz.) and balanced differently (9 points Head Light) than the midsize PRO (11.4 oz., 5 points Head Light), the gold standard for a player’s racket. The silver CENTRIC is a spin-generating, super-mid frame, measuring 102 square inches. For players who prefer oversize rackets, the light (9.3 oz.), delightful, sky blue GRAND plays powerfully at 115 square inches. The debut MSRP of each model is $149.

PowerAngle Rackets can be purchased online at or by phone at (914) 472-7271. PowerAngle Rackets are also sold at, the leading global tennis racket seller on the web.

PowerAngle LLC was founded in 2000. The PowerAngle logo is a large diamond on diagonal strings. PowerAngle has offices in New York and California, and the PowerAngle Distribution Center is located in New Rochelle, New York.

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