Fromuth Joins USPTA Retirement Gold+

June 1, 2014

Fromuth Tennis has become the fourth company to participate in the USPTA’s Retirement Gold+ program. For USPTA Professionals who purchase more than $750 per year of Nike footwear and apparel for their pro shops (not for personal use), Fromuth will contribute 5 percent into those participating professionals’ Retirement Gold+ accounts.

Click here to sign up for vendor contributions. If you are already participating, please contact Paloma Finanacial Services at 888-737-4289 to add Fromuth. (Contributions are for purchases placed beginning May 1, 2014.)

As a reminder, Fromuth is offering FREE shipping on orders of Nike products over $100 through the end of May. Shop now and save money, both now and for your retirement!

Fromuth joins Prince Global Sports, Hop-a-Razzi, and NetKnacks as contributing vendors in the Retirement Gold+ program, providing a vendor-supported retirement plan that allows for tax-deferred growth until funds are withdrawn at retirement.