Isner joins forces with RAPIDFORCE

August 28, 2014

Milwaukee, WI — RapidForce, an innovative muscle support and pain relief adhesive application, announced today a strategic partnership with professional tennis player John Isner. Currently the highest-ranked male American tennis player, Isner wears RapidForce during competitions to help with knee support. He is wearing it as he competes this week at the 2014 US Open Tennis Championships.

Fifteen times stronger than kinesiology tape, RapidForce Physio Hybrid Shapes are a revolutionary hybrid of a brace and kinesiology tape. The pre-cut compression fabric shapes aid in pain reduction and improved stability for the most frequent musculoskeletal issues and injuries. The shapes are engineered to deliver endurance, stability and pain relief to athletes and fitness enthusiasts during times of muscle and joint soreness and discomfort. With the perfect balance of strength and elasticity, the shapes apply the right amount of force to support the muscles without inhibiting natural movement. This force aids the body to bring new oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the sore or injured area to help facilitate healing.

Isner said, “I am thrilled to be associated with RapidForce as I’ve been playing with it on my left knee for extra support. During matches I need to be aggressive, and the shapes give me the extra confidence I need to know my knee is stable and strong.”

“We are extremely excited to welcome John Isner as a RapidForce brand ambassador and look forward to this partnership, spreading the word about the difference it has made in his game. John liked using the shape so much while he played, that he has decided to take an equity stake in the company,” said Jeffrey Smith, President, RapidForce. “John is one of the most dominant players in tennis today and one of the greatest servers the game has ever seen. Our goal is to help athletes of all ages recover from injury, pains and strains so they can stay strong, move on and get back to the activities they love.”

The Physio Hybrid Shapes are adhesive applications that are applied directly to your skin and remain on for up to five days. The shapes were designed using the science of physiology and movement to mimic the muscle structure of the body. Each shape has a center point where it gives the most structure and support and ‘arms’ that borrow stability and strength from underlying muscles, tendons and ligaments, providing reinforcement and increased circulation to the injured area.

“Engineered to give you stability like a brace and flexibility like kinesiology tape in one easy to use, comfortable product, nothing else like them exists on the market today,” said Smith. “Physio because we actually make a physiological change for people reducing pain and fluid build-up; Hybrid because we are the only product that is a hybrid of tapes and a brace and Shapes because we have pre-cut anatomically designed shapes like nothing else on the market.”

Unique Design

Promotes Healing

Isner will be a brand ambassador for RapidForce on and off the court and his alignment will include marketing, public relations, digital and social media programs, as well as participation in a contest running throughout the US Open to win a signed Prince tennis racket. Enter to win from August 28-September 8 on Facebook @RAPIDFORCE.

RapidForce Physio Hybrid Shapes are sold in 1-pack, 2-pack, and 10-pack configurations starting at $12.95 each and come in black and sand colors. They are available online at

For more information about RapidForce visit, friend them on facebook @RAPIDFORCE and follow them on twitter @RF_phs.

Please see your medical professional with any kind of pain. Pain could be an indication of a serious condition. RAPIDFORCE shapes are not meant to replace professional medical advice or treatment.

About RapidForce

RAPIDFORCE phs shapes are new products dedicated to innovative, simple solutions to muscle support and pain management. Based on the science of physiology and movement, RAPIDFORCE phs shapes serve as an external muscular-skeletal layer, providing unprecedented support in a dynamic and unobtrusive way. RAPIDFORCE phs shapes leverage the underlying muscles, tendons and ligaments as reinforcement to the injured or stressed area, resulting in numerous benefits including muscle support, pain relief, increased blood flow and improved range of motion.

About John Isner

Since he began his professional career in 2007, Isner has been considered the leader of the next generation of American tennis greats and is often said have one of the greatest serves the game has ever seen. He achieved his career high singles ranking of World No. 9 in April 2012, and is currently the highest ranked American on the ATP Tour at No. 15. Some of Isner’s career accolades include winning 9 ATP Tour singles titles, reaching the Quarterfinals of the 2012 London Olympics, leading the U.S. to the 2012 Davis Cup Semifinals, and winning the longest match in tennis history 70-68 (11 hours, 5 minutes) at the Wimbledon Championships in 2010. Isner also spent four years at the University of Georgia, where he led their tennis team to an undefeated 2007 season and an NCAA Championship.