HEAD presents Graphene XT Speed

November 17, 2014

Kennelbach/Austria — A faster racquet for a faster game has arrived: Endorsed by the world’s number 1 tennis player Novak Djokovic, the new Graphene XT Speed racquet line combines an iconic new design and the improved Graphene XT technology into one speedy package.

The Graphene XT Speed racquets feature the next generation of the revolutionary Graphene technology, which is based on the use of graphene, the strongest yet lightest material in the world. With its benefits in mind, the updated technology Graphene XT now features a 30% stronger material structure that has been engineered to optimize the racquet’s weight distribution to where players need it most. As a result, racquets with Graphene XT feature a 10% better energy transfer for a higher ball speed and faster game.

The REV and MP A models feature the innovative Adaptive String Pattern (ASP) technology, which allows the player to exchange the grommet strips and choose between a 16/16 pattern for more spin or the 16/19 pattern for more control so players can change their game any time.

The Speed racquet line is available in the well-known models Pro, MP A, S and Rev Pro. All racquets make speed come to life in the new design as well: The asymmetric look with selected use of neon color spots and the eye-catching neon-colored Lynx strings make quite an iconic statement.

The new Graphene XT SPEED racquets are available as of November 17, 2014 (MP A, Rev Pro, S) and January 12, 2015 (Pro), respectively, at selected retailers. Players can complete their new racquet with the matching Novak Djokovic Monstercombi racquet bag, and the new Revolt Pro footwear for an elegant head-to-toe appearance.