Tennis Central announces new app

November 10, 2014

WASHINGTON — Tennis is taking a Giant Leap into the future with the release of the most technologically advanced mobile services. Tennis Central solves all the hurdles that tennis enthusiasts face in their busy, modern world by bringing fast improvements, convenience, efficiency and accountability with social and mobile interactivity in a power packed phone/tablet application.

Heralded as the most innovative technological advancement to hit the tennis industry in years, the Tennis Central app (available for Android and Apple devices) provides adult players with an all-encompassing tool to learn from the world’s best coaches and experts and to be exposed to the largest variety of tennis players and styles available. The Tennis Central app services consist of cutting-edge management services; educational and training videos pre-loaded for instant consumption. The app features over 250 lessons and courses on all aspects of player development: technique, strategy and tactics, tennis-specific fitness and conditioning, injury prevention, nutrition and the mental game. Each Tennis Central member gets a fully customized experience designed to maximize improvement and promote personal and professional growth, whether players are new to the sport, intermediate-level, or seasoned high-performance competitors.


Tennis Central founder Yann Auzoux, an internationally decorated tennis expert/coach and online tennis instructor, explains the reason for its tennis app release. “The Tennis Industry has struggled over the last few years to service the 65 million tennis fans the sport appeals to. Because tennis can be tedious to schedule, partners are hard to find when you first start, and the game can be costly and take a long time to learn. These factors have kept players who love the sport away from the game for too long and Tennis Central provides the solution to their challenges.


“The reality is that there are countless adult players who are ready to be treated like serious athletes and want to be exposed to advanced tennis services designed to facilitate their enjoyment and advancement in the sport,” Auzoux continues. “Our mission is to continue to empower more adults to experience the kind of comprehensive, cutting-edge services previously reserved for elite athletes and professionals, in order to fast-track their progress and fulfill their full potential.


The Tennis Central web/mobile platform boasts multi-dimensional services ranging from player pairing based on multi-faceted options, improvement planning designed to fast track players’ developments, customized video instruction delivered to support the acute learning curve with an iTunes style delivery process and price point and (of course) a state of the art communication process that makes instant communication standard for all members.


Coaches with expertise in everything from stroke mechanics to strategy, to sports psychology to nutrition use video, whiteboards, movement drills, fitness equipment, and other modern tools and techniques to create an unprecedented learning opportunity for players. Because the platform is opened, coaches are encouraged to submit more content regularly for members to keep learning from multiple sources. The Tennis Central app has emerged as the premier gateway for adult amateur player development.

About Tennis Central Corp

Tennis Central Corp is a DC based Tennis Management Company with the sole mission to offer VIP tennis treatment to all our members. We want this networking sport to become part of your life and to provide you with unique opportunities for fun, empowerment, and growth. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.