Mathieson’s holistic approach molds champions

December 23, 2014

Paul Mathieson, head squash professional and director at Dover Squash and Fitness, has shaped hundreds of beginner students into leading squash players. In 2008, Mahmud Jafri, owner of Dover Squash & Fitness, established the Dover Squash Academy (DSA) program and brought on Mathieson to direct it. Mathieson has coached several hundreds of kids through the program, many of which are currently playing for Trinity, Harvard, Stanford, Williams, Middlebury, Amherst, and Yale. Mathieson credits his achievements to his holistic approach to coaching.


Mathieson believes that balancing a student’s social, academic, and extracurricular life is the key to a happy and successful squash player. His accomplishments as a coach have catapulted Dover Squash & Fitness to become one of the most prestigious squash academies in New England.

“I am very proud to still coach the kids that I have coached throughout the last ten years. I have been able to watch them develop as squash players,” states Mathieson. “I guide my students by sitting down with the families and mapping out a strategy for their school years. I try to nurture and develop the entire student. A key aspect of that is forming relationships with faculty at the students’ schools to ensure sure that his or her academics are on track. Every academic, cultural, and athletic aspect of the student is important.”

“Paul has given these students a tremendous opportunity to learn and become, not just better squash players, but well-rounded individuals as well,” states Mr. Jafri. “Paul gives them a chance to thrive. He has expanded the program to create camps for international students, and he has brought in legendary professional squash players, such as former world champion Thierry Lincou, to teach and inspire our students. He exudes our philosophy of health and wellness, mentorship, community involvement, and the integration of culture within the sport.”

Former squash coach at DSA and current head coach at MIT Squash, Thierry Lincou states, “Paul kicked off his career in the private squash court and has now successfully grown and established a great reputation for DSA. He is very appreciated by the kids and can help players at any level.”

Dover Squash Academy has continuously espoused a mission to support and encourage the sport through coaching and mentorship. Dover Squash and Fitness Club in Natick, Massachusetts is dedicated to hosting world ranked players for exhibition matches, coaching players of all levels and arranging a variety of community events to support the sport.

For additional information about Dover Squash Academy and Dover Squash & Fitness, visit the website at or call (508) 651-3500.