Volkl releases four new frames

December 22, 2014

San Diego, CA — Sean Frost, Volkl Tennis Managing Director announced today that the company has released four new frames. The four new racquets are:

Volkl Tennis continues its commitment to offer performance and comfort technology to players at all levels. The combination of Organix technology and Super G technology enhances the playability of the racquet to increase playability with performance while providing string bed liveliness and dampening of vibration for comfort. These are characteristics recognized by Volkl Tennis.

According to Frost, “I am very excited with how our line of performance tennis racquets is evolving. Super G Technology is proving to be a great addition. The racquets look fantastic and the enhanced playability is something you can actually feel.”

Paul Kid, US National Sales Manager of Volkl Tennis emphasized, “We have a line of racquets that offers a great combination of feel and playability while being easy on the body. We want players to enjoy their experience with Tennis and these are new products that reach out to all players.

Super G Technology includes the use of Bio Sensor Pins in the butt cap of the racquet which are tuned to the performance level of the racquet. Game improvement racquets have Bio Sensor Pins which offer the highest level of dampening available. V-Sponse material in the Super Grommets dampens vibrations while increasing power. All Super G racquets are made with Organix material made from high tech carbon nano-tubes surrounded by cellulose fibers giving Volkl Tennis racquets power, feel, a larger sweetspot and great vibration dampening.

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