Timed sport-specific movement makes great athletes

March 11, 2015

Professional athletes have limited time for improvement, so combining tasks can shorten the training time. Gordon Uehling (CourtSense Founder) and Darius Novak (University of Zabreb) have developed a challenging set of drills for these combined tasks.

Warmup begins with hand-eye drills which combine movement and the timing of the sensory-motor pathways while at the same time emphasizing the 5 segments of movement required for getting into a hitting (Tennis) or kicking (Soccer) position (i.e. one of executing a sport specific action).

Gordon operates with a Mounted mobile phone APP attached to his chest. Darius & ‘Ogi’ Nikolovski time their initial Split Step to the LEDs that run in a vertical down sequence. Gordon times both his arms to 3 beeps, that in turn are locked to the LED sequence that athletes are monitoring.

Chest Strap Training for Movement & Eye-Hand Training

Luca for 4 hops

Agility and Movement APP on your mobile device can be used to train these skills. A properly executed First Move must begin with a vertical HOP into the air, one that is timed to the opponent’s actions. A properly timed HOP allows athletes to execute a true Plyometric push-off AND gain an additional acceleration or push from the Impulse Force (when landing on the OFFSIDE Foot).

Educate yourself with these APP Drills and see how you time your offside foot.