Babolat presents connected tennis

May 23, 2015

Babolat makes a date with tennis lovers from around the globe at one of the most mythical tournaments, the French Open (May 24-June 7). Official French Open supplier, Babolat pulls back the curtain on the « Babolab » and connects fans to Babolat PLAY through the inspiring experiences of its champions.

2015 Revolution: connected tennis debuts in the Babolab

Official stringer of the French Open, Babolat invites the public to discover and live the French Open in the “Babolab,” the only stringing and racket customization service open to the public at a Grand Slam tournament.

This year, Babolat integrates a new step in the Babolab: “I Play connected” charges the Babolat PLAY connected rackets used by champions including Rafael Nadal since January 2015. With the world’s first connected stringing service, Babolat offers tennis fans a unique immersion into a connected world, to be closer than ever to players.

In the Babolab, a team of 22 racket customizers and stringers, representing 17 different nationalities, use 50km of string and prepare more than 4,100 rackets during the fortnight.

The Babolat booth offers all fans an exclusive look at Rafael Nadal’s data recorded by his Babolat PLAY Aeropro Drive.

Babolat inaugurates its first Digital Wall, a giant screen displaying continuous data from connected players after their matches, data from connected players from around the world and content created by the Babolat PLAY community via #connected tennis … a truly participative tool at the heart of the tournament.

The Babolat PLAY connected racket offers a visual analysis of the ball impact location zone. In partnership with IBM, this data will appear on the Babolat digital wall and on the official French Open website,

Let’s PLAY!