El Shorbagy, World Number 1

June 23, 2015

Mohamed El Shorbagy, the young Squash player from Alexandria (24 years old), has concluded an exceptional season. After taking 5 World Series titles (Hong Kong Open, Delaware Investments US Open, Windy City Open, Tournaments of Champions, and Allam British Open), he finished the season for the first time as World Number One. He will start the new season in August at the top of the leader-board, a position where he will push the limits to stay for as long as possible.

Mohamed El Shorbagy says:

“I could not dream of such a season. I thank you Tecnifibre so much for your support. Whatever I need, they are behind me. Squash is faster and they developed some special weapons to help my game to be better. I am still young and very ambitious. I am already focused on my next goals and I will be working hard to make my dreams come true.”

Guillaume Ducruet, Sports Marketing Manager says:

“I have no words to express how impressed and proud Tecnifibre is to have a such champion. This season has been incredible. We have been sponsoring Mohamed since his earliest age, he grew up next to Thierry Lincou and we always knew he had the potential to become a legend of the game. It is a privilege to participate to his career. We have worked with him to produce and improve his rackets and strings years after years until the new Carboflex 125 S. However Sport is a challenge and we are still hungry. We will keep helping him to achieve the pinnacle of the game because the story has only just started.”

Mohamed plays with the Carboflex 125S racket and the 305+ string.