Discover your game with Babolat POP

August 31, 2015

Tennis specialist and pioneer, Babolat continues to transform tennis from conventional to connected. Following the introduction of Babolat PLAY rackets, Babolat introduces a wristband dedicated to connected tennis: the new Babolat POP.


By observing players and anticipating their needs for 140 years, Babolat has helped evolve the sport of tennis from the invention of tennis strings to the world’s first connected tennis products. Now Babolat expands the connected tennis revolution with the new Babolat POP.

Babolat POP is an easy to use, performance wearable that works with any tennis racket and pairs with an IOS or Android device to bring the game to life. The new Babolat POP wristband collects data about your game, and allows players to interact with and challenge friends thanks to social and gaming features. The new wristband allows tennis lovers of all ages and playing levels to enter the exciting world of connected tennis and to enhance their game performance through entertaining features and challenges.

Babolat POP: You’ve got game, now get to know it.

Gaming: Find a friend and pick a challenge

Add a new level of competition to your game with Babolat POP. Whether it’s best forehands, backhands or serves, create a challenge for your friends and compare scores through a little friendly competition. Share challenges with others and see if you can beat their best!

Discovering: See stats from all your tennis sessions

Define your swing, analyze the quality of your topspin or measure your overall performance using exciting data including: number and type of shot (forehands, backhands, smashes, volleys, serves), spin, power, playtime, best rally and number of shots per minute. Babolat POP helps you discover your game and take it to the next level.

Sharing: Highlight your favorite tennis moments and compare your game with others

You just played the most challenging 5-set match of the tournament – with Babolat POP, you can share your favorite tennis moments with friends. As a Babolat POP player, you’ll be ranked along with the rest of the worldwide Babolat PLAY Community – including Babolat Pro players. Compare your activity score to your friends or see how you stack up against the Champions.

To develop Babolat POP and provide this new connected tennis experience, Babolat has partnered with PIQ, a high-tech company. PIQ provides a multi-sport platform that gives players the opportunity to share their best sports moments and challenge their friends. The Babolat POP wrist accessories and application are also available with PIQ products. PIQ’s ambition is to enhance the sporting experience, design a way to have people practice sports more often and add more fun to sports. PIQ has already unveiled a product and service dedicated to golf in July 2015 and will launch many other sports in the future.

Babolat POP: Track your tennis activity. Play smarter.

The new Babolat POP wristband dedicated to connected tennis will appeal to tennis lovers looking to bring a new dimension to their game through gaming, discovering and sharing.

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