Bridging the gap between amateurs and pros

September 30, 2015

WASHINGTON — In the wake of the 2015 US Open, tennis enthusiasts around the world are picking up their racquets and heading to the court. Still star struck and filled with inspiration, people have never been more eager to play like the pros. That being said, what if I told you that every tennis player now has the opportunity to bridge that gap with a click of a button? Well, it’s true, and recent US Open Quarter-Finalist Kevin Anderson can tell you exactly how. As a new member of Tennis Central, Anderson and thousands of others have downloaded the app to connect and play with each other. Never before has a recreational player been able to match with those among the top of the ATP tour. With free services for every part of the sport, Tennis Central has re-united the tennis industry.


Although tennis has recently lost its edge as one of the most popular sports, there is still more than 60 million players and fans in the U.S. alone. Until now, the only thing that was stopping them from giving tennis a second chance was time and money. Furthermore, with the industry more stretched than ever, it has become increasingly more difficult for players to find a compatible match. As a full package experience, Tennis Central has solved all of tennis’ practical problems while bringing a new and innovative twist on the game. The free iPhone and Android app gives players access to thousands of dollars of online instruction while creating a platform for members to find virtually any court, coach, and player in their nearby area. Beyond the digital realm, Tennis Central has also become one of the leading organizations for hosting live tennis events.

The movement has caught the interest of players from every aspect of the sport. The world’s number 12 was excited to offer his support, “Download the Tennis Central app, it’s the best thing you can do for your game” (Anderson, RSA). The list of pros continues to grow as Denis Kudla and Blaz Rola just recently joined the family as well. Competitors from all levels are finally able to serve on the same playing field as anyone they choose, and have access to the same services that the ATP’s best get every day. To many, Tennis Central is easily the most exciting thing to happen to the sport in decades.

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