Soderling is now selling strings

October 12, 2015

Having launched his own tennis ball, Robin Soderling is getting further into the equipment business, now selling a line of strings.

The RS Lyon is a premium polyester string sold in both 17 and 17L gauge, in a silver design. Unlike the balls, which are sold largely in Europe, the string can be purchased by American customers through Tennis Warehouse. It retails for $9.99 for both types.

“We know that a large portion of the market in the U.S. look primarily for low prices but also know that there are a large volume of tennis players looking for both premium strings at a decent price but also a premium tennis ball,” Soderling said in a statement.

The former French Open finalist began manufacturing his own tennis balls two years ago, emphasizing quality, and is the official ball of the Stockholm ATP event.

The string is described as perfect for “big hitters” who like to swing away — much like the player behind them.