USTA announces No-Cut all stars

October 19, 2015

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – The United States Tennis Association (USTA) today announced its 2015 No-Cut Coach All-Star Team, recognizing 12 exceptional middle- and high-school coaches throughout the nation who implement a “no-cut” policy which welcomes all interested students to be a part of their school’s tennis team.

“These coaches play a critical role not only in the development of student-athletes throughout the year, but in the success of No-Cut Tennis and the sport of tennis as a whole,” said Glenn Arrington, Director, USTA High School Tennis. “We are extremely proud of these coaches who foster inclusion and continue to help shape today’s youth into well-rounded student athletes.”

Since 2006, more than 4,000 tennis coaches nationwide have made a commitment to offering a no-cut policy, with some programs including more than 100 team members on a high school team. The coaches of these teams serve as positive role models and make a difference by spending the extra time and effort to ensure that young players experience the fun and fulfillment of playing tennis and participating in a school sport.

The No-Cut Coach All-Star Team was established in 2013. Coaches are nominated by their respective USTA Section. To qualify for the USTA No-Cut All-Star Team, coaches must be currently implementing a no-cut policy on their tennis teams, and be currently registered with the USTA as a “no-cut” coach. Additionaly, each candidate must have at least five years of experience coaching tennis.

The 2015 No-Cut Coach All-Star Team includes:

To register as a no-cut coach or to learn more about the program and free registration incentives, visit