ITHF elects chair and vice-chair

December 9, 2015

NEWPORT, R.I. – The International Tennis Hall of Fame has announced that John Arnhold has been elected as Chairman of its Board of Governors and Michael Goss has been elected as Vice Chairman, effective January 1, 2016. Arnhold and Goss, both financial services executives, are avid tennis players and devoted supporters of the sport. As members of the Hall of Fame’s Executive Committee for the past four years, both have taken an active leadership role in long-term planning, fundraising, and strategic efforts to grow the organization’s work to preserve and promote the history of tennis and to honor its great champions.

John Arnhold

“I am excited and honored to embrace this new position,” commented Arnhold. “The International Tennis Hall of Fame is a unifying organization in tennis. It exists to celebrate a sport that so many people around the world love- whether they are Grand Slam champions, recreational players, or aspiring juniors. This is a particularly exciting time to take on this role, as recent growth and improvements at the Hall of Fame position the organization to serve tennis players and fans better than ever. I look forward to working with Vice Chair Mike Goss, Hall of Fame President Stan Smith, CEO Todd Martin, and the entire board and staff to guide the organization into the future.”

Arnhold, of New York City, is Non-Executive Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of First Eagle Investment Management, LLC. He is also the President of and a Trustee of First Eagle Funds, a registered mutual fund company.

Mike Goss

Goss, a resident of Westport, Conn., is the former Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of Bain Capital, from which he retired in December 2013 following thirteen years with the firm in various senior managerial capacities.

Arnhold succeeds Chairman Christopher Clouser, who will conclude his term on December 31 after eight years as Chairman of the Board of Directors, which was preceded by two years as Chairman of the Executive Committee and three prior years as a member of the board. Goss succeeds Co-Vice Chairs Donald Dell and Barbara Georgescu, who have been instrumental leaders in the Hall of Fame’s growth for many years.

“It has been my great privilege to guide the efforts of the Hall of Fame to serve the sport of tennis,” commented Clouser. “I’ve been lucky to work with an excellent and committed Board of Directors and Executive Committee, and together we have been able to lay a strong foundation for the organization’s future.”

He continued, “John Arnhold and Mike Goss are passionate about the sport and they are highly effective leaders and strategists. I am grateful for my time with the Hall of Fame and confident it is in great hands with this new leadership team of John and Mike, along with a dedicated Executive Board and talented staff.”

Christopher Clouser

Clouser has led the Hall of Fame through an unprecedented period of growth for the organization, including major improvements to the property through a recently completed capital campaign. Clouser served as Co-Chair of the campaign, in partnership with Edgar S. Woolard and an engaged Campaign Committee, which included Arnhold and Goss.

The campaign resulted in a completely renovated, state-of-the-art museum at the Hall of Fame, the addition of an expanded and improved tennis club, a significant new building to house Hall of Fame offices and tennis club facilities, and campus-wide improvements including a new grandstand in the stadium. Through the campaign, the property was expanded by over one acre.

“Along with the Hall of Fame’s board leadership, I’ve been grateful to work with the great people and officials in the city of Newport and the state of Rhode Island, who have been so supportive of our efforts to grow the Hall of Fame. As a result of all of this collaboration, we have a much improved Hall of Fame to serve the sport of tennis globally and the local community,” said Clouser.

In addition to focusing on major improvements to the property during his term, Clouser also led efforts to enhance programming and to revise the organization’s bylaws and governance policies. He placed significant efforts on growing international programming and fostering strong partnerships with leading tennis industry organizations. He also created new programming to honor the legends of tennis around the world on a regular basis, through special events, a Hall of Fame ring program, and The Legends Walk, a brick pathway in Newport.

Additionally, Clouser made it a top priority and was strongly supportive of efforts to get the museum at the Hall of Fame accredited by the American Alliance of Museums. This recognition was attained in 2013, and it marked the first time that a sports hall of fame had attained this top mark of excellence by museum industry standards.

“By educating the world about the inspiring athletes in our sport, we have the power to inspire greatness in future generations,” said Clouser. “In addition to this being a core tenet of the Hall of Fame’s mission, it is something that is a personal passion of mine. Tennis has such powerful stories to share and it’s been my privilege to work with the board and staff to continuously find new and compelling ways to achieve this through our museum and programs.”

Looking to the Hall of Fame’s future, Clouser worked with the Executive Committee to create a long-term, forward-thinking leadership and succession plan. In 2014, he helped guide efforts to bring in former world No. 4 player Todd Martin to be CEO, as the successor to Mark Stenning, and in 2011, Hall of Famer Stan Smith was named President and Chairman of the Enshrinee Nominating Committee, as the successor to Tony Trabert. In addition, in 2009, Providence-based attorney Mac Farmer was named General Counsel for the organization.

“As Chairman, Chris Clouser has positioned the International Tennis Hall of Fame for a very bright future. I look forward to working alongside John and Mike in their new capacities, and working together to continue to serve the global sport of tennis in an impactful way,” said CEO Todd Martin.

Arnhold first joined the Hall of Fame’s Board of Directors in September 2010. Since that time, he has been a highly engaged leader in all aspects of the organization. He has served on the Executive Committee, Investment Committee, Board Nominating Committee, and he was Treasurer of the Capital Campaign Committee. In addition to the Hall of Fame, Arnhold is a Director of the Arnhold Foundation, which focuses on education, conservation and the arts; the Mulago Foundation, which advances global health initiatives, and Arnhold Ceramics. He is a member of the Board of Trustees and the Investment Committees of Trinity Episcopal Schools Corporation, where he was Past President; Vassar College; and the UC Santa Barbara Foundation, where he is Vice-Chair, Investments and Treasurer. He is also on the Board and Chair of the Investment Committee of Jazz at Lincoln Center and is a member of the Board of Trustees of, where he chairs the Programming Committee.

Goss joined the Hall of Fame Board of Directors in 2011. He has been an active member of the Executive Committee and has served as Chair of the Investment Committee, which oversees the substantial endowment of the International Tennis Hall of Fame. In addition to the Hall of Fame, Goss is a member of the Board of Directors of Tennis Channel, Inc., Platform Specialty Products, Tenacity, Inc., and the Kansas State University Foundation.

Arnhold and Goss will assume the Chairman and Vice Chairman roles on January 1, 2016 and each will serve a three-year term.