PIVOT: Wearable technology for tennis

December 3, 2015

Campbell, CA — TuringSense, a Silicon Valley pioneer of wearable sports technology, and Nick Bollettieri, International Tennis Hall of Fame coach of 10 #1-ranked players, have partnered to bring to market PIVOT, the most advanced wearable for tennis today and the only one to incorporate Bollettieri’s coaching knowledge. Now, all players and coaches can rely on TuringSense’s biomechanics-based wearable as well as access to Bollettieri’s training techniques and instructions integrated within PIVOT, and customized for individuals, to help them become better players. PIVOT is an open system which will allow other users or coaches to integrate their own training techniques.

“For decades, I’ve been looking for ways to use technology to capture my teachings and to make them available to more than just those in the upper echelons of the tennis world,” said Bollettieri. “When I met TuringSense, and saw what PIVOT could do, I knew I had found what I was looking for. I’ve dedicated my life to helping players enjoy and improve in the sport of tennis. Through PIVOT, I’m excited to be able to share my tennis know-how and techniques with a much larger swath of tennis players spanning all ages, abilities, geographies and time zones. Now I can share my techniques with everyone, wherever they are in the world.”

“The world of tennis is about to take a quantum leap. TuringSense’s partnership with Nick Bollettieri brings together one of tennis’ most preeminent and passionate influencers with one of wearable sports technology’s pioneers,” said Dr. Limin He, co-founder and CEO of TuringSense. “We’ve found in our partner a shared vision and dedication not only to help tennis players improve their game, but also to better lives and provide more opportunities to aspiring players around the world.”

PIVOT: A Game-Changing, Smart Wearable

PIVOT is a multi-sensor, high-speed motion capture and analysis system designed to improve tennis playing, training and prevent injuries. Unlike other products that attach a single sensor to a tennis racquet, PIVOT uses a pack of wearable sensors that attach to different parts of the body or clothing and the PIVOT app, to provide instant biomechanical feedback for players to master their swings on the court and guard against injuries without wires or expensive cameras.

PIVOT will make its debut on Tuesday, December 8 on Indiegogo, aiming to raise $75,000 to begin production. Among the special Bollettieri perks which will be offered is a week of training at the IMG Academy Bollettieri Tennis Program and a personal lesson with Bollettieri at either the IMG Academy, U.S. Open 2016 or MIAMI 2016.

Nick Bollettieri, Legendary Tennis Coach

Bollettieri developed a style and method of training and coaching that revolutionized tennis instruction.

Bollettieri has an unmatched reputation in the development of tennis players, having trained and coached 10 players who have achieved the number one ranking in the world — players such as Maria Sharapova, Andre Agassi, Venus and Serena Williams, Jim Courier, and Monica Seles, as well as a multitude of other world-class players.

As part of the collaboration, Bollettieri will apply his on-the-ground knowledge and best practices to PIVOT. He will capture his highly successful training and techniques through PIVOT and develop instructional fixes and protocols tied to product metrics which will then be automated. For example, he will provide lessons on how to improve topspin on a player’s forehand, how to hit a better serve, or how to generate more power on the backhand. He will also identify common problems and demonstrate simple fixes that will improve a player’s game. What’s more, players will be able to compare their strokes side-by-side with his recommended teachings in real-time on the court.

In addition, with the PIVOT Portal, players will have personal access to Bollettieri and will be able to engage in email Q&A’s and 15-minute phone coaching conversations as well as make appointments for 1-hour lessons. Players can even schedule a personal feedback sessions and getting coaching from Bollettieri anywhere in the world.

About TuringSense

TuringSense, a pioneer in wearable sports technology, is revolutionizing sports training through innovative multi-sensor, high-speed full-body motion analysis solutions. PIVOT, the company’s first product, is designed specifically to improve tennis playing and training. TuringSense is planning future products for additional sports like golf and swimming. Its technology also has a wide range of applications in areas such as physical therapy, insurance compliance, rehabilitation, posture correction and virtual reality/augmented reality and gaming. For more information, visit