The Force is strong

December 21, 2015

GREENVILLE, SC – Dunlop today announced details on five new racquets that will make up its new Force range of fixed handle racquets. Delivering in late January of 2016, the Force 98, Force 98 Tour (image below/attached), Force 100, Force 100 Tour and Force 105 combine a new handle system, the latest aerodynamic technologies and parallel stringing to deliver enhanced power, a larger sweetspot and reduced vibration to players of all levels.

Each of the new Force racquets uses Dunlop’s brand new SR-X handle system, giving them an entirely unique feel. Glass fiber rods slotted into precision channels (see image below/attached) inside the handle help dissipate vibration, resulting in a softer feel on your hands when striking the ball. To enhance racquet control and stability, the size of the flare at the base of the handle has been increased by 30%.

The Force range features multiple aerodynamic technologies to help players generate added racquet head speed, meaning more power on shots. AeroskinCX is chief among these, and its design improves airflow and reduces drag by up to 35% over non-textured surfaces.

Dunlop introduced parallel stringing in its iDapt line of racquets, and the new Force frames also employ this technique of grommet hole placement. Whereas in previous Dunlop racquets the grommets aimed in the direction of the curvature of the racquet, with parallel stringing the grommets are realigned to be directly parallel across from one another. This small change results in greater string movement, which translates into a wider sweet spot, helping with off center hits.

“Our new Force racquets are Dunlop’s most advanced fixed handle racquets ever; they combine our latest technologies with cutting edge cosmetics,” said Kai Nitsche, VP of Dunlop Racquet Sports. “When paired with our iDapt customizable range, these new Force racquets give players of all levels a tremendous number of options for selecting a premium racquet.”

The Force racquets carry an MSRP of $180 each.


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