Visual conditioning just got smarter

December 9, 2015

CHICAGO — Vizual Edge Performance Training (VEPT) technology has changed the way athletes see things — literally. Think of it as bootcamp for your baby blues. Elite athletes know that identifying visual skill strengths and bolstering weaknesses gives them a competitive edge. VEPT has amped the games of peewees, pros, and everyone in between, and now the online program is iPad and Android compatible making it easier and more effective than ever to SEE results.


“This is much, much more than a vision test,” says Ophthalmologist and Vizual Edge Performance Training developer Barry Seiller, MD, MBA. Vizual Edge is a product based on intensive scientific research that was conducted by a third party and integrated into the visual system. This has greatly impacted the testing, training and is improving athlete’s visual skills through carefully designed visual exercises.

“Our program is a meticulously calibrated assessment of individuals’ entire visual system, including depth perception, tracking, decision-making, reaction time, and concentration, all of which impact performance. As with any physical skill, some players are born with excellent visual skills, others have to work hard to develop it. VEPT is an assessment and more: it provides a customized training program to sharpen visual skills with measurable results.”

Adds Kathy Puchalski, VEPT’s co-developer and vice president, “We are excited to make this program accessible to more people than ever. VEPT software already has demonstrated measurable results worldwide in many sports, including with 10 Major League baseball organizations. We believe all athletes deserve the opportunity to improve their game—whether its golf, soccer, football, baseball, tennis, hockey—virtually any sport that requires hand-eye coordination.”

The new iPad and Android software upgrade improves the VEPT user experience, facilitates visual skill data collection, and eases access to the training technology. The update will be available on December 15, 2015.

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