The Playmate iSMASH ball machine

January 23, 2016

Playmate is pleased to introduce the iSMASH. The iSMASH is the next generation of the PLAYMATE SMASH Ball Machine. It combines the same rugged design with a more user-friendly interface. The iSMASH is intelligent, interchangeable, and intuitive. The intelligent design allows a player or coach to select where the balls will be fed by just pressing on a picture of a tennis court. Or, a player can just choose from 3 simple patterns: all balls straight ahead, feeding balls left and right narrow, or feeding balls left and right wide. It remains upgradeable and interchangeable with all previous SMASH, DEUCE, and GENIE PLAYMATE Ball machines. The iSMASH is upgradeable to iPLAYMATE Tennis to create drills on an iPhone or iPad, track workouts, and to allow players to compare results with others. Members will love the iSMASH’s simple design, increasing revenue from the ball machine! 800.776.6770