Cloer joining Lake Norman Tennis Center

June 6, 2016

Mat Cloer will be joining long time associate, Steve Smith, at the new Lake Norman Tennis Center in Mooresville (near Charlotte, North Carolina). Their goal is to develop an all encompassing educational tennis program that will make an impact on American tennis.

Mat, as a junior, was ranked number one in his native North Carolina in every age group. He finished his junior career ranked number three nationally in the US. As a college player, Mat held a top ten national ranking, earned All American honors and was twice voted the ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) player of the year. Mat won the National Arthur Ashe Leadership and Sportsmanship Award and just recently was placed in the Florida State Hall of Fame.

Mat played at a level worthy of pursuing a professional career yet he chose to coach college tennis and start a family. He coached at both his alma mater and North Carolina State for a total of nine years. Mat and his wife, Lauren, have three young children – Kaes, Kamdyn, Koen.

Mat was brought up in a “tennis family lifestyle” and is excited about creating the same type of pathway for tennis families that are based or visit the Lake Norman Tennis Facility.

Please visit for more information on current programs.

Here is a fun clip that highlights Mats work with The Great Base.