Tecnifibre: Official stringer of the Citi Open

July 19, 2016

Washington D.C. – Tecnifibre engages with the ATP World Tour in the United States for the first time, taking over as the Official Stringer of the ATP 500/WTA International Tier Citi Open Tournament in Washington, D.C. A top team of International and American master stringers has been on site since last Thursday, stringing over 300 racquets in the qualification rounds alone. Over 900 racquets are expected to be strung during the 11-day tournament. After years of service to the ATP World Tour across Europe and Asia, the Citi Open marks the first time the French company has brought its expertise to U.S. soil.

“We have a tremendous team of stringers working the tournament this week,” said Tecnifibre USA Marketing and Promotions Manager, Alex Papineau. “Our team of five includes three top-level U.S. stringers and the two French stringers in charge of Tecnifibre’s worldwide stringing service. These two men are veterans of our ATP stringing service, working at tournaments in Monte Carlo, Rotterdam, Paris and the ATP World Tour Finals in London.”

Tecnifibre is an official partner of the ATP World Tour, serving as the Official String, Racquet, Bag, Accessory and Stringing Machine since 2013. Tecnifibre is recognized by professional players for the premium quality of its stringing services on the Tour around the globe. Five Tecnifibre Ergo Pro Select ATP machines are being used for the Citi Open, each model being hand-crafted in France.

“As part of our strategy in the United States, Tecnifibre will continue to reinforce our position as a specialized brand of premium products connected to the Tour by contracting with more local ATP events in the coming years,” said Papineau.

Tecnifibre is a French manufacturer of tennis, squash and padel equipment founded in 1979 by the current CEO, Thierry Maissant. Throughout its development, Tecnifibre has built itself a worldwide reputation in the racquet sports market, providing premium quality products to players of all levels.