‘On Court with USPTA’ to premiere

August 1, 2016

HOUSTON – The new season of “On Court with USPTA” is scheduled to begin airing on the Tennis Channel on Saturday, Aug. 6 at 1 p.m. EST. New episodes will feature top USPTA Professionals Mark Kovacs, Craig O’Shannessy and Emilio Sanchez-Vicario.

“On Court with USPTA” is the cable TV show produced by the United States Professional Tennis Association featuring instruction on playing and teaching tennis.

“On Court with USPTA” schedule:

Saturday, Aug. 6

1 p.m. EST

Episode 105: Mark Kovacs, Ph.D. – Fixing Common Problems with the Serve

Mark Kovacs, Ph.D., is a performance physiologist and USPTA Elite Professional with an extensive background in researching and training elite athletes. In this episode, he will look at seven common problems with the serve and demonstrate how to fix those issues.

1:30 p.m. EST

Episode 106: Craig O’Shannessy – Winning Strategies from the Baseline

In this episode, learn what the “sword” and “shield” are and the very different roles they have in a tennis match. Craig O’Shannessy, widely recognized as the world leader in teaching and analyzing tennis strategy, will discuss the patterns of play and winning percentages that dominate our sport. This episode will show why it’s vital that players execute the highest percentage patterns and understand the critical role between forehands and backhands.

Sunday, Aug. 7

1 p.m. EST

Episode 107: Emilio Sanchez-Vicario – The Backhand Slice

The slice is an important weapon to any player’s game. In this episode, USPTA Master Professional and three-time Grand Slam winner Emilio Sanchez-Vicario will demonstrate how to train the backhand slice and its roles: attack, defend, and change up the pace.

1:30 p.m. EST

Episode 108: Emilio Sanchez-Vicario – Spanish Drills for Weight Transfer

The transfer of weight is a key component in tennis. In this episode, USPTA Master Professional and three-time Grand Slam winner Emilio Sanchez-Vicario demonstrates a variety of ways in which a player can improve this aspect in both defensive and aggressive situations. Footwork and balance are emphasized throughout the show as they are key elements to efficient weight transfer and shot execution.

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