PlaySight introduces challenge system

October 5, 2016

TENAFLY, NEW JERSEY – Can cheating be eliminated from the sport of tennis? With the introduction of a new PlayFair Challenge system this month, PlaySight ( – the company behind the cutting-edge SmartCourt – is setting out to reduce the amount of bad line calls made and minimize cheating in tennis at all levels of the game.

Giving players the ability to challenge line calls instantly with the PlayFair Challenge system, PlaySight’s SmartCourt technology is now arming players of all ages and abilities with immediate access to multi-angle videos on the court for review purposes. In addition to minimizing cheating in tennis, PlaySight’s PlayFair Challenge system is allowing players to make more confident line calls and play in competitive matches and tournaments with the very best video and analytics technology available in the sport.

“With the PlayFair Challenge system, we are enabling all levels of tennis – from recreational club players to college players to professionals – to have multi-angle video review available for any tournament or match they play on a SmartCourt. Just like the top players in the world, anyone on a SmartCourt can challenge incorrect or close line calls and instantly access video replay to confirm or overrule the on-court call,” said Yuval Bar Yosef, General Manager of PlaySight’s North American Operations.

“PlaySight isn’t aiming to replace officials with PlayFair, but to make their jobs easier,” added Chen Shachar, CEO of PlaySight. “By giving them the opportunity to have conclusive video evidence in high definition and from multiple synced cameras, rarely will a bad call stand up under the PlayFair Challenge system.”

This fall, PlaySight will be piloting two PlaySight PlayFair Challenge tournaments including the SoCal Intercollegiate Tennis Championships taking place on October 27-31 at the University of Southern California, and at the Junior Tennis Champions Center in College Park, Maryland, from November 14-16.

“PlaySight offers training feedback for all levels of the sport. Now, with the new PlayFair Challenge system available, it gives tennis players the ability to review and challenge close-to -the-line calls every time they step onto a SmartCourt,” commented Paul Annacone, Head of Coaching and Player Development for PlaySight, and famous tennis coach to Roger Federer and Pete Sampras. “This will no doubt drive participation in PlaySight tournaments and elevate the sport in general.”

Currently, PlaySight has its technology installed all over the world and with many of the top tennis federations – including the USTA and their new National Campus opening in Lake Nona, Florida – along with all four Grand Slam Championship sites.

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About PlaySight

PlaySight is the only sports technology company providing an all-in-one video and analytics solution for all sports, including video and live streaming, real time statistics and analytics, instant replay, line calling, and a mobile and social on and off-court experience. PlaySight’s mission is to make tennis more enjoyable and challenging for all players while creating a connected global community of players – from rising juniors and college stars to the recreational player – and coaches. To date, there are over 400 PlaySight SmartCourts globally, including several top NCAA Division I men’s and women’s collegiate tennis programs. PlaySight has been adopted by the world’s leading governing bodies of tennis including the United States Tennis Association (USTA), International Tennis Federation (ITF), Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA), Tennis Canada, Tennis Australia, and more. PlaySight is installed and on-site at all four Grand Slam Championships (Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open) and counts Billie Jean King, Chris Evert, Pete Sampras, Novak Djokovic, Bill Ackman, Mark Ein, Dr. James Loehr, and Gordon Uehling III among its investors.